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Eugenio Li Volsi was born in Catania in 1969. Son of art, he approached the world of photography from an early age, following his father Raffaele Giuseppe, a professional photographer since 1948, from whom he learned the fundamentals of analogue photography. He attended numerous professional photography workshops throughout Italy and abroad and his commitment was immediately rewarded by numerous awards and recognitions. In 2014 he founded the Sicilian Photographers Association, participated in the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards Competition, winning his first "Bronze Award" for the Wedding category and in the same year obtained the important qualification of QEP - Qualified European Photographer, again in wedding category. In 2016 he began collaborating with Confartigianato which appointed him among its representatives at the FEP, the European Federation of Professional Photographers. From that moment on he officially becomes a judge for the FEP both for the QEP and MQEP qualifications and for the international competitions organized by the FEP.

In March 2017 he organized the ''FEP Photo Days 2017'' in Catania, bringing a unique event to Sicily for the first time, which involved professional photographers and national associations from 30 European countries. In 2017 the important Belgian magazine U-to-P on wedding photography published an interview with him and his works. In 2018 he was appointed International Judge of the IPPA (Irish Professional Photographers Association) and Judge for the FETA – FEP Emerging Talent Award and was elected among the 12 members of the FEP Board of Directors.

For 2020, as a representative of the FEP and the WPC (World Photographic Cup), he will be present as a Special Guest in various workshops that will take place throughout the year in various Italian cities, promoting professional photographers on how to access European and global qualifications.

He is the organizer of the 7th - 8th Edition of the World Cup (WPC) and was appointed Chairman of the Italian Judges for the creation of Team Italy. He is the current Italian representative on the steering committee of the FEP (Federation European Photographers).

Photography is a story for him: telling with light. Nothing can be left to chance and improvisation. Technique is indispensable, but it must be combined with creativity, sensitivity and intuition. The objective of his work is to look to the future and innovation without forgetting that the photographer is, however, a craftsman of the image: it is necessary to improve and innovate without losing the artisanal and creative sense of one's work.





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